Insurance Lead Testimonials

"ASAP has been by far the easiest lead generation company to work with. They have knowledgeable and pleasant employees and are prompt with service questions. Lastly, but most importantly, their leads are the best in the business and we use them almost exclusively. Trust us, we have tried every lead company, and ASAP has the best leads and customer service."
-Northern Nevada Health Plans

"I have such positive feelings on your company. I am getting to talk with most of my leads, and don't have to go through a long explanation that I am an insurance agent. The leads are, for the most part, qualified and if they aren't, I really appreciate that you credit them quickly without a big hassle. Keep up the good work - I'm very satisfied with your performance!"
-Doug S.

"ASAP Quotes is the only insurance lead vendor I am happy to pay every month. The leads are solid and when there is an issue, credit requests are processed fairly and promptly. I heart ASAP Quotes!"
-Kathryn S.