Insurance Lead Generation

The big secret among health insurance lead providers is this - high-quality leads start with serious buyers and a quality process for turning them into leads. The way a company generates, filters and delivers leads determines lead quality.

For ASAP Quotes, this high-quality process continues all the way through our 10-day return policy for any invalid leads and the best customer service you'll find in the industry.

  • Serious online shoppers

    Using cutting-edge search engine marketing, we find and bring in active health insurance shoppers. When they use Google, Yahoo or other search engines to buy coverage, they'll find one of our websites containing useful health insurance information and quotes.

  • Consumer explicitly asks for a quote

    To become a lead, online health insurance shoppers have to fill out a detailed form to qualify them for the right program and area. We inform them ahead of time that an agent will be contacting them with a quote. And we don't cheapen lead quality by "bribing" consumers with prizes or gifts.

  • Immediate delivery

    As soon as they've filled out the questionnaire and hit the "submit" button, their lead information is filtered, validated and time-stamped. This qualified lead is then delivered to your inbox or your FREE lead management system.