Frequently Asked Questions

What types of leads do you offer?

  • Individual Health insurance, Medicare, Aged and Uninsurable
  • Shared and Exclusive

How much are your leads?

  • Health/Medicare
    • Shared: $8.00
    • Exclusive: $20.00

How do I set my filters?

  • If you want to change your geographic filters you can access this by clicking "My Settings" then "Lead Selections."
    • Make sure if you're selecting zip codes only that you don't also have the state selected.
  • For all other filters (Counties, age range, etc.) contact your sales rep.

How am I billed?

  • You will be charged on the fifteenth and last day of every month for any leads that you have received.

How do I change my daily maximum?

  • If you want to change your daily maximum you can access this by clicking "My Settings" then "Lead Selections."

Can I set my account to automatically turn off at certain days and times?

  • This cannot be automated. However, agents have the ability to turn their account on/off whenever they want.

I returned a lead, how come the cost still shows up on my bill?

  • When you return a lead for credit, the cost is not deducted from your bill. When we issue you credit for that lead, your next lead will be free of charge.

How do I return a lead?

  • All leads are returned through the ASAP Quotes system under the "Billing" tab. Click "Request Credit" next to the lead you wish to return and briefly explain what was wrong with it. Make sure to return within 10 days of receiving the lead.

I forgot my login name/password, how do I retrieve them?

  • Contact your sales rep

Is there a maximum amount of time that I can have my account paused?

  • No

Where do you get your leads from?

  • All leads are 100% search engine driven. We never use incentives or pop up ads. The only way a consumer would come to one of our websites is if they have searched a term related to insurance.

What is the tickler file and how do I use it?

  • The tickler file is a good way to take notes on your leads. Once you write a note on that lead, it will be moved from your "Active Leads" to your "Tickler File."

What happens when I click the red X next to an "Active Lead"?

  • You will delete that lead from your Active Leads page. Although the lead will no longer show up under your "Active Leads," it will still show under the "Billing" tab if you need to return it for credit. Contact your sales rep if you would like to have it resent to you via email.

What websites do you get your leads from?

  • We use hundreds of websites to gather lead information from prospects and are always changing these websites based on feedback from current agents.

How do I know if my account is on?

  • When the button next to account mode is green and says "Active" your account is on and ASAP Quotes will send you leads.

I was told I would be issued a manual credit, but it is not showing up on my bill. Where do I see this?

  • All manual credits are applied on the last day of the billing period. You will see manual credits applied to your bill on the 15th or last day of the month. A manual credit would be due to referrals etc.