About our Insurance Leads

ASAP Quotes is a leader in providing high quality health insurance leads to top performers in the insurance industry. The company was founded with more than 20 years experience as agents, brokers, medical billing, and insurance specialists with one goal in mind: to help generate a premier source of health insurance leads for other agents within the industry. The highest quality insurance leads, combined with our no minimum order policy, ensure you get exactly what you need for building your success.


ASAP Quotes insurance leads are generated by search engine marketing, so we put you in touch with genuine health insurance shoppers looking for coverage. We specialize in Shared and Exclusive health insurance leads, along with Medicare leads - the fastest growing segment in the industry. Our leads are never incentivized and are automatically filtered at no extra cost. Our generous return policy allows you to return an invalid lead within 10 days for an immediate replacement credit.


Don't waste your time or money with leads that can't stack up. Contact ASAP Quotes today for more information on how to experience the difference that quality leads and dedicated service can do for your bottom line.